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JaniWrap Not In Service Urinal Cover kit, pack of 30 covers
Order Code: 23-101
Now available from CS4UK, JaniWrap covers are the unique solution to ensure that you maintain a beautiful and clean perception to visitors, sealing in unwanted sights and odours. They can stay in place indefinitely but release clean and easily. This is the ultimate solution to putting sanitary fixtures out of service – beautifully and effectively. Each JaniWrap kit contains one roll of 30 disposable covers.
32 Not In Service Labels
Each kit comes in its own durable storage case that keeps the covers in perfect condition until required, stores easily on a cleaning trolley. The covers fit urinals, toilets, basins...
It's easy to apply, stays in place and releases clean! Easily removed when the urinal or toilet is fixed and ready to operate again. More information can be found on
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