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Magic sponge, pack of 12
Order Code: 36-934

The Magic erase-all is the most effective way to remove stubborn marks and stains without the need of chemicals. It eliminates almost any marks on any hard surface in an instant. It is so quick and easy to use. Just wet the sponge and squeeze, then rub gently on the marks and watch them disappear. It’s ideal for eliminating household stains, scuff marks, finger marks and also grease on cookers. Why not try it on wooden floors, tiles, PVC and wallpaper.

Key features & benefits
• No chemicals required.
• Simply wet and wipe away stubborn stains.
• Ideal for removing marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery, paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces.

User instructions
1. Wet the sponge and wring it out.
2. Test the sponge on an inconspicuous area before use.
3. Wipe the surface.

Warning - Not suitable for high gloss/polished surfaces. Test on a small inconspicuous area prior to use.